Our Lady of the Woods Pastoral Care Ministry

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All Souls

                                                                                               Let Perpetual Light Shine on Them

Our Lady of the Woods Prayer Garden

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As a community we pray for all those who have lost a loved one.  

The list below represents the names of the deceased 

who have been buried from Our Lady of the Woods from 

November 1, 2017 until October 31, 2018  

Joseph Butkus 12/21/17
Rosemary Byerly 12/19/17
Dolores Kobilca 12/16/17
Dorothy Parker 12/14/17
Robert Clarke 12/11/17
Margaret Brown 12/7/17
Gary Kohonen 12/2/17
Lottie Fredericks 11/29/17
Tim Gately 11/24/17
Frank Cristina 11/24/17
Rodney Boucek 11/23/17
Jacqueline Siensa 11/9/17
Walter Kuta 10/31/17
Joseph Havel 10/16/17